Writual Blessings

Let’s bring a bit of magic to our creative process!

Writual Blessings illustrated affirmations deck for writers by Cynthia MorrisYou’ll love how Writual Blessings help banish the meanie weenies that plague your writing. This 40-card deck offers my joyful encouragement for your writing sessions.

I invented Writual Blessings for my Free-Write Fling class. These simple, short phrases help us sidestep the inner critic. My students have found that setting a positive intention before writing helps them access their authentic voice.

A combination of free-writing and Writual Blessings makes for satisfying and rich writing sessions.

My students love the Writual Blessings so much that I decided to match the Blessings with my watercolor illustrations. These hand-lettered cards are made of French linen and are portable enough to take with you everywhere. Finally, a joyful way to access your authentic voice.

“I love my Writual Blessings cards! I use the cards as journal writing prompts, and the illustrations often provide inspiration for creating little watercolors of my own. I prop them up on my desk, bookshelves, or windowsill to create a bright spot in the room. I love the feeling of potential, magic, and creativity that they inspire in me!”— Tess

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