Plug into Love Holiday Sale

At this time of year, we look to buy gifts for our loved ones and for ourselves. After a year of work, adventure, growth and learning, we want to treat ourselves.

I’m celebrating a full year with a holiday sale and a call to action- Plug into Love. My life’s purpose is to love, and I seek to express this in the things I create.

I put so much love into my Writual Blessings, my novel Chasing Sylvia Beach, and my new Love greeting cards. I can’t wait for you to have these things for yourself or as the perfect holiday gift.

Which item is perfect for your holiday love sharing? Can’t decide? Get all three.

Shipping within the United States is included; shipping outside the US is $25 per order. I’m sorry to have to add this price on, but the US postal service charges this much or more to ship outside the US.

While supplies last!


Can’t decide which product to choose?  Why not get them all!